Ladies and gentlemen,

the ISWA team are glad to announce the winners of the competition!

Seven groups in each section (Modern Dance, Cinema, Contemporary Art, Imaging, Literature) have been awarded. All of them will receive a prize, while a representative of the first placed team in each section will be invited to the Final Event of our ISWA project in Grenoble, France, on 21 February 2013. The winners will be contacted very soon by the ISWA team.


For the section Modern Dance the winning artworks are:

1 - There is Plenty More Room at the Bottom

2 - The Echoes

3 - Kaleidoscope

4 - What is a star?

5 - Proteins' trip

6 - Movements of liquid Chrystal

7 - Two Floating Particles

For the section Cinema the winning artworks are:

1 - The Black hole

2 - The Science of Playgrounds

3 - Science for Tomorrow

4 - Stem cells - The black book

5 - The perfect whistle

6 - Shaping Metal

7 - Londra

For the section Contemporary art the winning artworks are:

1 - World Hostel

2 - Colourfull caterpillars

3 - Ferrum Life

4 - Lighting around us -Energy waves - In the air - Adsorption

5 - Graphene variations

6 - Otorinolaringofonija

7 - Nano body et al.

For the section Imaging the winning artworks are:

1 - Back to the Origin

2 - Schrödinger’s 3D cat

3 - He(art) and chemistry

4 - Ostracoda

5 - A little bit left!

6 - Crustacean Orconectes limosus

7 - A cube in the park

For the section Literature the winning artworks are:

1 - My Universe

2 - Never stop, don't turn back. Let's make the bulb light!

3 - Life and time

4 - Gust of time

5 - I had a dream, no one would ever believe

6 - Whose son are you?

7 - A Disease?


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