EyesWeb refers both to the research projects of InfoMus Lab on multimodal interactive systems and expressive gesture, and to the open software platform to support the development of real-time multimodal distributed interactive applications. The EyesWeb project started in 1997, as a natural evolution of the HARP Project. The current release of the open software platform is EyesWeb XMI (eXtended Multimodal Interaction). The EyesWeb software platform has been developed in EU IST projects in the 5th (MEGA) and 6th Framework Programme (TAI-CHI, Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer Human Interaction). EyesWeb has been adopted in several other EU projects, has been licensed to more than 15,000 individual users, companies, and institutions. EyesWeb is also used in University courses and summer schools (e.g. the New York University Summer Program on "Music, dance and new technologies").

The EyesWeb research project aims at exploring and developing models of interaction by extending music language toward gesture and visual languages, with a particular focus on the understanding of affect and expressive content in gesture. For example, in EyesWeb we aim at developing methods able to distinguish the different expressive content from two instances of the same movement pattern, e.g., two performances of the same dance fragment.

It supports the user in experimenting computational models of non-verbal expressive communication and in mapping gestures from different modalities (e.g., human full-body movement, music) onto multimedia output (e.g., sound, music, visual media). It allows fast development and experiment cycles of interactive performance set-ups by including a visual programming language allowing mapping, at different levels, of movement and audio into integrated music, visual, and mobile scenery.The EyesWeb open platform has been originally conceived for supporting research on multimodal expressive interfaces and multimedia interactive systems. EyesWeb has also been widely employed for designing and developing real-time dance, music, and multimedia applications.


The EyesWeb Expressive Gesture Processing Library includes a collection of software modules and patches (interconnections of modules) contained in three main sub-libraries:

The EyesWeb Motion Analysis Library: a collection of modules for real-time extraction of expressive movement cues from human full-body movement, based on one or more videocameras and other sensor systems.

  • The EyesWeb Space Analysis Library: a collection of modules for analysis of occupation of 2D (real as well as virtual) spaces. If from the one hand this sub-library can be used to extract low-level motion cues (e.g., how much time a given position in the space has been occupied), on the other hand it can also be used to carry out analyses of gesture in semantic, abstract spaces.
  • The EyesWeb Trajectory Analysis Library: a collection of modules for extraction of features from trajectories in 2D (real as well as virtual) spaces. These spaces may again be either physical spaces or semantic and expressive spaces.

    Download the interactive Tutorial of EyesWeb for the ISWA Project


    Download the instructions and play with Eyesweb

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