Imaging science

Do you want an example of Immersion in the Science Worlds through the Arts? ESRF gives it to us!

Four young artists have produced their own interpretation of the science that scientisists do in ERSF, the centre of scientific excellence located in Grenoble.

Jan Nalepa

has created a sculpture

inspired by the image data with which scientists routinely work.

Nina Grúňová

uses an oil painting technique for an interpretation of the scans of a fossil waspated a sculpture, inspired by the image data with which scientists routinely work.

Charlotte Winroth

realized, using computer, compositions mixing different details of the scientists’ daily life.

Marció Paranhos

tried to capture into a computer animation sequence the invisible energy that circulated in the experimental hall of the synchrotron.


The artists spent 6 days of immersion in the ESRF and created their artworks. These video clips are being shot during the stay of them there. An exhibition will be set in the ESRF in November 2011, and the artworks will also be displayed during the final event of the ISWA project, in early 2013, in Grenoble.

Participate to the ISWA IMAGING competition with your own images: photos, videos, photoshop compositions, 3D animations etc…

Read the regulation of ISWA competition.

All the winners will then be invited to the final event of the ISWA project in early 2013 in Grenoble.
The hidden beauty of the sciences
Monday, 23 May 2011 14:09

Producing artistic interpretations of the invisible world

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is looking for “in residence” artists. We offer you one week in one of the largest scientific instruments in Europe. And we assign you one mission: deliver, at the end of the week, your artistic vision of the scientific work we do.


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