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Science lecture with live experiment combined with music, live dance, visual art and video projection from the Experiment Art & Science Show "Night in NanoPOLIS" realised and performed at the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague in November and December 2011. Live on stage at the Cupola Hall of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) on June 12, 2012.

Asymmetrique Answer

photo: Maria KantorAsymmetrique Answer is a reaction to the surrounding reality. It`s not confrontation or protest but rather a positive and creative action. Asymmetrique Answer is first of all a union of creative artists fused by the wish to create. It`s a high-tech inter-junction project involving design, fashion, choreography, media arts, experimental programming. It`s a union of technology and a actual art. Technology of transformation of dancer`s movements into video graphic and sound is used. The performer becomes an impulse of the created interactive graphic and sound environment on the screen.

Night in NanoPOLIS show - 12/12/11

An experimental art, music and dance encounter with science.

Night in nanoPOLIS is an expedition into the realm of the nano dimensions. The viewer is immersed into very different and restless world of 10-9 m and showcased examples of nanotechnology encompassing medicine as well as theatre.

Nanotechnologists and theoretical physicist visualize and interpret relationships and self-organization of a matter at the dimension of 10-9 m through the dance performance of 30 young dancers and live show of NANOSPIDER.
Science mediation fuse with a choreography of DEKKADANCERS showing what a chemist sees at the bar, how reaction produces light, how light is stored in molecules and how it triggers reactions - small explosions!

On the Way to Immortality

The articulation of these artistic languages creates a grid of movements related to organic processes, similar to the way the pieces on a chessboard develop a life history through the game. “On the Way of Immortality“ is inspired by the movements and the vibrations of atoms and molecules. Through the medium of dance, it expresses and reproduces the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells resulting in the creation of life. These phenomena are then also theatrically linked to cognitive growth and social and emotional development. “On the Way of Immortality“ is an interdisciplinary dance performance, part of the project Immersion in the Scientific Worlds through Art – ISWA – supported and funded by the European Commission. ISWA intends to challenge the way Science is known and taught which often leaves out the fact that Sciences originates from creative/emotional processes and needs. At ISWA, Art and Science are considered complementary and inextricably linked. Art is seen as an active element influencing scientists: a powerful tool to involve intellectual and emotional processes (in both body and mind) by providing a way to understand and interpret scientific concepts. It is conceived by Franco Rustichelli, (full professor of Physics at University of Ancona, Italy) who has several experiences with artistic/choreographic productions, together with the collaboration of DOCK11, a dance and theatre institute in Berlin. It is choreographed by dance maker Jadi Carboni and Franco Rustichelli with the participation of 8 dancers.



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